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Ginny's Gems Custom Designs

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Custom Engraving and Sandblasting by Ginny's Gems
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Custom Sniper Award

Built using a combination of ceramics, brass and jade glass. Sandblasted and color filled.

Sniper Award Close Up

Sandblasted and color filled

College Diploma

100% Duplication of college diploma on cobalt glass and color filled

Crystal Dolphin


Custom Curved Arch

Deep carved leaves with sandblasting and color filled.

Crystal Award

Sandblasted and color filled

Crystal Vase Award

Sandblasted & color filled

Custom Valor Award

Jade glass sandblasted & color filled

Jade Glass Clock

Sandblasted and color filled

Custom 25 Year Award

Custom clock with police logos assembled on base.

Jade Glass Lawyers Oath

Deep carved and sandblasted on bothe sides. Front side color filled

Crystal Bowl

Arlington Park Race Track Logo

Crystal President's Cup

Arlington Park Race Track President's Award

Small Crystal Sailboat

Sandblasted with logo and award

Polished Pewter Tray

Engraved with pictures and logos

Brass & Glass Clock

Sandblasted with name and logo

Arch Clock

Human heart sandblasted and color filled

Jade Glass Clock

Deep carved leaves and wording color filled

Cut Crystal Bowl

Sandblasted with logo of Belmont Racetrack

Glass Logo Display

custom cut to match logo shape. Sandblasted both sides color filled top

Sublimated Sweat Shirt

Full color sublimation

Glass Logo Displays

Jade and black glass sandblasted and color filled

Crystal Display

Facted crystal display sandblasted with logo and color filled

Acryllic Tower Award

Sandblasted with custom artwork and logo

Optical Crystal Award

Sandblasted top and base color filled base.

Crystal Golf Bowl

Bowl shaped as golf ball with sandblasting and color filling

Crystal Trophy

One piece crystal award sandblasted and color filled

Custom Golf Driver Award

Crystal golf driver attached to black glass base and sandblasted with logo and award

Ladies Golf Championship Plaque

Custom plaque with full 3-D ladies golf figure.

Black Glass Plaque

Sanblasted black glass with duplicate of the actual monument presented to those honored on the wall

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